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Admission Testing Information

Admissions testing is needed for:

Junior/Community Colleges - before registering for classes, one needs to take a placement test in math and English. This is not for entrance purposes but to determine what level math and English you need to start  with at the college. No cost to take the test.

  • In some cases this test will place you below college credit classes. You wil need to take a remedial college class in order to bring your skills up to college level work.
  • If a student plans to take only the classes required for a specific vocational or technical certificate, the placement test is not required.
  • It is recommended for all students to take the test so that they could continue working on their math and English while completing their vocational certificate.
  • Juniors, who plan to attend a community college and will not be taking math as a senior, should consider taking the placement test at the end of their junior year when the math is fresh. (COM  Testing Schedule at, Testing Office 485-9469) (SRJC Testing Schedule, Testing Office, 707-524-1638)
  • Each community college is specific as to whether they will take or send the test results from or to another community college. Check with the school you wish to apply to as well as the school where you plan to take the test for specific requirements. 
  • Each year, COM and SRJC will provide testing on our campus in March . Sign-up in the CCC binder in either Counseling or CCC.
  • You may take the test more than once in order to improve your score.
  • Preparation tutorials are available online at each individual college's website.

Callifornia State University System - requires either the SAT or ACT as part of the eligibility index calculation.

  • It will state in some of the CSU information that: "If you have at least a  3.0 Weighted GPA in your A-G classes, you do not need to take the ACT or SAT tests. This is correct but not taking either the SAT or ACT test will put you at a strong disadvantage for going beyond being eligible and becoming competetive.
  • Either the SAT and the  ACT are counted equally by the CSU campuses. Cal Poly San Luis Obispo prefers the ACT.
  • The writing portion is optional on the ACT but not on the SAT. Nevertheless, the writing score is NOT calculated in the index formula.
  • Feewaivers are available for low-moderate income students. To obtain a waiver visit the Counseling Office.You must sign-up for the regular registration date in order to use the fee waiver, you may not use them if you sign-up for late registration.
  • The CSU system will take the best portion from various sittings to calculate your index.
  • CSU's institutional code for all campuses is 3594.
  • If you have less than a 550  SAT score on critcal reading or math OR less than a 23 in math and less than 24 in English on the ACT OR you did not score well enough on the STAR Test junior portion, you will need to take the ELM (Entry Level Math Exam) and or the EPT ( English Placement Test) This can be taken at any CSU late in your Junior year or early in your Senior year. Thest test will further determine your readiness for college level work and whether you will need to start with remedial college classes.
  • Cal Poly San Luis Obispo wants you to finish your testing by the end of Oct.

University of California System -  requires either the SAT or the ACT test with writing along with two SAT II's in different subject areas.

  • UC will take the best single sitting score for purposes of determing eligiblity.
  • It is advisible to complete your testing by Oct if possible.
  • You are not able to take the SAT test and the Subject Tests on the same day. You may take 3-one hour Subject Tests on the same day.
  • You may want to take some Subject Tests at the end of your junior year in subjects that you did well in, esp if it is an honors or AP class.
  • If you plan to major in computer science, engineering or math, you should take the Math Level II Subject Test. If you plan to major in the natural sciences, you might take biology or chemistry.
  • You are not penalized for taking multiple tests, UC will take the best single sitting of your SAT or ACT and your best two subject test scores.
  • Fee waivers are available from the Counseling Dept for the test taking fees. You must register during the regular registration period to use the waivers, you may not use them if registering during the late registration.
  • For the graduating class of 2012, the subject test will no longer be required nevertheless, a student might want to show competence in a subject area by taking the test and obtain credit for an A-G course.


Private/Independent Colleges -  in most cases require either the SAT or the ACT test. A handful may require the SAT II Subject Tests.It is college specific as to whether they take the best score from one sitting or the best portions from multiple sittings or whether they require any Subject Tests. Check with each individual school's policy.

  • There will also be school specific deadlines for completing your testing so it will be important to check with each school's policy and plan your testing schedule accordingly.


Free Proctored Practice Tests SAT, PSAT, ACT, Subject Tests in Marin at Compass, 700 Larkspur Landing Cir, Ste, 235, rsvp by calling 1-800-620-6250

 Some free SAT/ACT testing from EUREKA,

 Free Practice SAT, ACT, PSAT, TOFEL Testing on line:

General Information

PSAT: Oct, 17th, 8-12:00, 2009, $25 to Counseling to sign-up.Typically, juniors take the PSAT (Preliminary SAT) in October. It is recommended that sophomores, who are enrolled in Advanced Algebra, ...more

Test Preparation

It is generally agreed that students do better on standardized tests when they have prepared for them. At minimum, it is recommended that students take a practice test a week or two before the test ...more

Testing Companies

Company Name



Sharon Bass Educational Services


8wk course, individual sm grp, Tiburon, call for current rates, 435-2096, 435-3343

Bobrow Test Perp Services


Three Sat. afternoons SF State; repeat class for free, 40 students 405-7700

Buddy System


Individually tailored, 8-18 hr. 281-9090

Lonnie Byers


Recommend 4 sessions, 258-8330,

Chinn Worksops


Weekend or evening, $50 fro 3hr class, $215 for 2 day, Lafayette, 925-283-9944

Dr. Gary Gruber






$125/hr min. of $500 for 1 on 1, or $97 for 2 videortapes notebook. 440-4429


Self directed skills building

Ivy West


1 on 1 or group progams, 1-800-489-9378


variety given course length. special at $599 for SRCS

 turoring or group programs, 1800-527-8378

Sue Potter


Sm grp or 1 on1, 8 hr crash course 892-5569

Princeton Review


sm lg grp available, 615-1888

Revolution Prep


6-session with repeated Saturday practice tests, 1800-rev-prep

Strategies Tactics


20 hrs course or 12 hrs tutoring, 883-8773

Tam District Community Education


Spring, 4 Saturday mornings at Drake HS, some falls at Redwood HS, 945-3767

Taming the SAT


USC designed these weekend workshops at various locations,

Test Scholars


Small grp private tutoring, 510-548-6168